Hello, I’m Raquel

Pint-sized Pilates teacher with tons of knowledge and experience who is passionate about guiding you to be your best you – that’s me.

Originally from Argentina, my love of travelling, a degree in Tourism and a variety of airlines jobs led me to this special island on the other side of the world where I put down roots in 2003. A recent dig around into my ancestors’ DNA may provide a clue. I’m delighted to say I’m 18% Irish.  So now you’re definitely stuck with me and my family. 

The youngest of three, what a disappointment to my mum that her only girl turned out to be an ebullient tomboy who couldn’t rest for a moment. Not even in my sleep! On waking me in the mornings she was greeted by my feet on my pillow. :O)

“I love what I do and work very closely with people"

As I grew up, nature became my playground and I’d often be found hanging upside down in a tree.


Put that together with my innate curiosity about trying new things and you have a teacher qualified in many areas – pelvic floor, pre and post-natal Yoga and Pilates, Reformers and big Pilates apparatus. Seriously you’ve got to try the Big Boys. There’s probably a reason why mine is the only studio in the wider area to offer them. But I digress.


My journey to being here today as a Pilates teacher – on the mat, on the Reformer, on your rehabilitation to a new you – has been a long one.  


About 10 years ago feeling unfulfilled in my work and being told I could never have children brought me to my lowest point. But it’s true that sometimes when you think you’ve been buried, you’ve actually been planted. 


I needed to make a change. I embraced my love to teach (I previously taught Tango for fun with my husband) and trained as a Yoga teacher; If I wasn’t going to be able to have my own children, I wanted to genuinely care for others. I still do. That is what my studio is about. 


And as it happens during that training I became pregnant. Within two years, I had given birth to two beautiful boys.


It was a nagging back issue that led me to try Pilates to build core strength and that’s when things shifted for me. Not only did my back pain subside with Pilates but I became strong and toned while experiencing the connection of my mind, body and breathing as one in a way I had never before. It felt so good and I wanted others to feel this way. 


Many thousands of hours of training and qualifications followed and b-Well Pilates was born. 


Today I bounce out of bed (the right way up!) and am passionate to fully support every body I meet – whether you have back pain, are a mum wanting to get fit after giving birth, are in your 70s and want to feel stronger and build bone density or you are just curious about what is possible if you were to move differently.

Alternately if you’re recovering from an injury or are an athlete wanting to perform optimally, I am a qualified big Pilates Apparatus instructor.


“I LOVE what I do and work very closely with people. Through the years I’ve learned in working with clients that every body is unique. When I see a body and its moving patterns I get a feeling about what it needs. Combined with information given by the client, I create an exercise program to best suit them.” 


I offer one-to-one private classes and small groups to ensure personal attention. 

Make no mistake: You will be challenged – lovingly – but you will be energized by the transformation in your body and mind within only a few classes.


So now you know all about me, I’m looking forward to meeting you wherever you’re at, getting to know you and your body and journeying to the well of wellbeing together.