Pilates is a mind-body practice that strengthens the core muscles, promotes flexibility and mobility and enhances coordination. As a fitness practice it has well rounded benefits and offers many different variations.  It is largely known by its multiple uses in rehab, sports injuries and injury 

prevention and reducing chronic pain. Although the pace and repertoire can vary it is a mindful practice as you need to synchronize breathing and movement to get the maximum benefit and this is why it also helps improving sport performance and mental focus.

Yes, there are Foundations, Intermediate and Advance classes

Yes. If you haven’t done Pilates before I recommend that you start with a Foundation Reformer set of classes  or 1:1. Ideally, you should be doing both Mat and Reformer classes as they compliment each other beautifully

It is always advisable that you have the clear to go from your physiotherapist or GP before joining any type of exercise. Most people find Pilates very useful for injury prevention and injury recovery.

Absolutely, Pilates is so helpful keeping your pelvic muscles and general body strong and preparing you for the post baby body. Raquel it’s a fully certified Pilates & Yoga Pregnancy Instructor with many years of experience in the area.

There are some Post-natal Pilates courses running through the year but it’s always possible to join the Foundation classes and talk to your instructor to ensure you start rebuilding core strengths gradually and steadily. You will need the  clear to exercise from your Women’s Health Physio or GP before joining.

Pilates (Mat & Reformer) are both brilliant and highly effective if you need to core on your core muscles.

If you look at elite sport clubs and how they train you’ll quickly find  the answer as all of them  have included some form of Pilates and reformers in their training. Golf, rugby, soccer, hurling; whatever your favourite sport is you can greatly benefit from Pilates for sports performance and if you are a dancer or gymnast Pilates will be your best companion. Read about Sport Injuries and Rehab Pilates

Call it Golden Pilates, Pilates for Seniors  or Active Aging, the truth is Pilates is a great form of fitness through all the stages of life. The repertoire and exercises of a senior class will take into consideration possible modifications for osteoporosis, arthritis, menopause and mindfulness. When taking a general class in the studio,, the instructor teaching the class will safely guide you through the most suitable variation of the exercise. Joseph Pilates said ‘you are as young as your spine is flexible’ and seniors clients in the studio are constantly proving it.

3 times a week if you are completely new to Pilates. Twice a week at least after the first month  so that you can get the most of it.

The first session on the Reformer is to get you to know the machine and teach you the basics moving patterns.. If you are completely new to Pilates and you join a Foundation class we’ll go through the principles of Pilates alignment and breathing too.

While Pilates alone won’t make you lose weight, if you are seriously considering becoming  fitter and losing some weight  you will need to join at least a weekly Pilates class to help you develop core strength and flexibility. If you run or do cardio exercises  Reformer Pilates will strengthen calf muscles, ankles and muscles around the knee, hips and feet. If you are carrying some extra weight you would need to strengthen all these muscles first in order to prevent injuries. 

Pilates is safe and encourages a healthy living-style. As with any other disciplines, the personal knowledge of your instructor will play a fundamental role. Raquel has trained 

with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Association) and trained with BASI on Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies course so she can guide you safely through the Pilates practice.

Hilariously we use now the term ‘Pilates for Men’ when Pilates was in fact created by a man, Joseph Pilates during One World War when he was being held at the Knockaloe internment camp on the Isle of Man. Benefits of Pilates for Men include increased flexibility,  core strength, better mental focus, reduced stress levels and enhances sexual performance.

FAQ’s The Studio

Just comfortable and  stretchy outfits and socks (preferably, anti-slip socks). If you don’t have a pair yet you can purchase some at the studio. 

Our beautiful studio is located in Balbriggan, at Fingal Bay Business Park

The studio is about 1000sq mt and reformers are spaced at least 2mts apart. The instructor will always wear a mask and/or visor and as soon as you enter the studio you have an antibacterial dispenser to clean your hands. Wipes or other cleaning elements are provided for you to clean your equipment before and after the class.

Just bring a bottle of water

As restrictions change often, please check before attending. Normally, you’d need to wear your mask to the reformer and out of the reformer. That means you can take it off while exercising as a reformer is a sort of ‘individual training’. You only use your own equipment and don’t share or switch stations.

To ensure individual attention and best practice the groups are small. Currently 5 people max on the Reformer classes and 6 on Mat classes

As the groups are small and to ensure the best quality a 24 hours cancellation policy is in place for you to keep the value of the class. 

Please check for special courses cancellation policies as they are different.