Reformer Group Classes

Reformer provides a wonderful workout focusing on core, flexibility and mobilisation but it’s a low impact type of exercise so your joints are not at any risk.

Getting Started (Foundation)

This is the starter class for those new to Pilates in general and the Reformer. 

In it, you will learn and embody the Pilates principles of breathing and alignment and make friends with the Reformer.

This class is recommended for those who: 

–  are new to Mat & Reformer Pilates

–  are post-natal 

– recovering from an injury

– looking for a gentler workout or refresher. 

Once you feel confident with the basics and are comfortable with the moving patterns (4-6 classes) you can switch to Move Well Reformer class (Level 1) 

Move Well (Level 1)

This class is about discovering new moving patterns, listening to your own body needs and cues. There is a focus on toning legs, abs, arms and hips, increasing mental focus and enhancing sports performance.


If you have never done mat Pilates before I’d recommend you to take at least 2-4 Getting Started Reformer classes before joining. 


This class is suitable for clients familiar with the basics of Pilates who are injury-free and not in any acute pain.

Daily Well (Mixed level)

This class is the perfect choice if you feel like doing a bit of everything. You’ll be given options to modify the exercises depending on your level. Expect to go through a nice flow, tune in with your breath and get warm while we work the core tone up and challenge your balance and stability.

This class is suitable for clients who have completed at least 6-8 Getting Started Reformer classes who are injury-free and not in any acute pain. 

Power flow  (Level 2)

Ideal for those who have completed at least 8-10 Move Well classes (Level 1). 


This is a fairly faster-paced full-body workout with a focus on intermediate/advanced Core work based on good alignment and stability that you learned in Move Well.  We breathe through all the exercises tuning into body/mind while building up stamina. Unsuitable for beginners or people with injuries.

Pilates Reformer Circuit (mixed level)

Using Reformers, mat, jumping boards, spine corrector and other pieces of equipment this class will leave you feeling stronger, longer and ready to face the next challenge.

During this 60 mins, we focus on each group of muscles at the time getting the best of each Pilates apparatus. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner you’ll get a well-rounded workout.