Individual 1:1  Classes

Individual 1:1  Classes

An individual session is such a worthwhile investment in yourself. Those new to Pilates sometimes choose a more personal setting to learn the basics of the movement. To that end, a private session would be more supportive as they gradually build the necessary skills and confidence to join a bigger group. 

For those recovering from an injury, an individual session would be advisable as I can work closely with your physio or GP to support you in progressing to where you can move and feel better. 

In an individual session, the focus is on you, your body, developing a program tailored to your body’s unique needs and working towards creating your best version of you.

In addition, some clients choose a 1:1 session if working on specific goals such as improving sports performance, challenging their bodies, recovering from injuries, dealing with back-pain or just for injury prevention. Once up and running they form a semi-private group with two others or join a class.

Due to time constraints, there are limited spaces for individual classes within the studio schedule so advance booking is necessary.